Corporate Philosophy
* Alltop has a team of talented professionals from various industries, holding spirit of corporate philosophy: Quality, and Innovation, in pursuit of on-going growth of Alltop. 

Alltop has implemented efficient production plant in Suzhou to ensure the best services are being provided for local and global deliveries.
With over ten years of industry experience, Alltop has demonstrated its outstanding ability in providing top quality products and services to customers. We strive to pay effort in the areas of production flow betterment and new product research & development that will lead Alltop to new territories in the future.
* Quality
  In-depth knowledge of customer’s persistence in quality enables Alltop to further refine supplier chain, production plan and testing instrument, thus become one of the top electrical connector suppliers in the industry.
* Innovation
  With our knee focus on product innovation and production re-engineering, Alltop is able to support customers with the most competitive product in terms of design and price. Our promise of continuous innovation has built a solid foundation for both business growth and employee career development.